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Every show needs a VJ!

VJ Fader has VJed at countless music festivals and concert shows all over the world. A skilled VJ can take music performance to the next level, by introducing visual landscapes and stories to the viewer.

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    Intro Electronic Music Festival

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    October 29th 2016

The audience wants to see the music move

VJing is a form of performance art, it is creation or manipulation of video in realtime in front of a live audience. Although still considered underground today, it has evolved from the analogue days of oil color projections at psychedelic rock concerts to today’s bigger than life EDM stages around the world.

Visuals is more than just a colorful screensaver. A VJ can bring meaningful content to a concert show. When designed and executed perfectly to live music, the stage will communicate with the audience through moving images and movement. Same as the music communicates through sound, images can make a huge impact on the audience, simultaneously stimulating both senses.

Fader produces his own custom VJ software and tools to visualize music like you have never seen live before. As the head of Neuromixer VJ software where he continues to develop AVmixer Pro video mixing and effects software. Other projects include EDMT App and faderTouch rear projection touchscreen VJ controller.

Custom VJ content and performance:

VJ 4 Life!

Fader has VJed at countless festivals and events all over the world. With an extensive experience and knowledge he can rock almost any festival stage or event with dazzling visual stimulation.

VJ Sessions

Weekly VJ Session live stream on YouTube

Many more VJ demos available at Fader’s YouTube and Vimeo channel
festival stage with blu animations