March 30, 2017 fader

Why you would need a VJ at a music festival

DJing has gained a lot of popularity in the recent history, yet VJing is still relatively unknown to the general public. Most people have a pretty good concept of what a DJ is, it’s someone mixes, or pretend to mix songs live. Some DJs also produce their own songs, but not all do. With massive EDM festivals all over the world, more and more young people are drawn into this culture. You probably know at least one friend who’s a DJ, or at least a bedroom DJ.

Back in the 90’s when MTV was at its peak of popularity, the hosts were called VJs. Since then this term has been quiet in social media. Video Jockeys refers to artists who mix video live on their computers or laptops during a live music event or concert. In the pre-digital era, people used to VJ the analogue way, by mixing color oil liquid on a overhead projector, or mixing up to a dozen VHS players using video mixer and switchers.

My argument is not to say ‘let’s replace all the DJs with VJs’. But rather to make a point about the importance of having visuals at a DJ focused music festival. After all, when we talking about music festivals, music does come first. That is generally agreed. However unlike watching a band or a pop star’s live performance, imagine a big stage with only a DJ standing behind the turntables, it does not really translate into an entertaining show. This is where you need a skilled and experienced VJ to bring the festival experience to the next level.