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The Magic of illusion

Few people had the pleasure of seeing 3D Video Mapping in real-life, most have only saw video documentations over social networks. The magic comes from blurring the line between the solid form and animation. When well executed, you will not believe your eyes.

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    Guerin Private Residence

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    October 31st. 2016

Halloween Projection Mapping

Video mapping is the art of animating architecture facade and 3D objects through projection technology. No matter how large or small of a project, with the right concept and execution, video mapping can suspend the viewer’s belief, where solid forms and objects start to move and animate.

For five years in a row, Fader has been invited to create a custom projection mapping animation for the amusement of the little Trick or Treaters on Halloween night. This year the animation features talented live performers shot on green screen, the footage is composited and animated to interact with unique facade of the house.

Halloween Projection Mapping 2016

Video Mapping Showreel

A collage of Fader’s past video projection mapping projects.

Project Showcase

Here are a couple of Fader’s latest stage design projects around the world.

Many more project videos available at Fader’s YouTube and Vimeo channel