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More than just big SOUND!

When attending a live music event, as the audience you want to experience multi-sensory experience, after all, that’s why we go see our favorite musician or DJ live. This means we want to experience more than just a big sound system, we also want to be stimulated visually.

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    Backwoods Music Festival

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    September 1st. 2015

Backwoods Music Festival 2015

The main stage has become the focal point of today’s major music festivals and concerts. Like unwrapping a present on Christmas day, the audience is greeted with a surprise when they witness the stage in person for the first time. The stage design can be the key in creating an overall atmosphere and identity for the live fantasy world. Although an event exists for only a short time, yet the impression remains in the memory long after the end of an amazing show.’

At Backwoods music festival 2015, Fader worked closely with the festival producer and team to bring his vision to life. The stage features two large ‘Castle’ style towers on either side of the stage. These towers are faced with large vertical LED screens for displaying live video and visual content.

Behind the scenes documentary:

Concept to Visualization

A great concept has to be visualized before execution, here are some examples of the 3D renderings to visualize the stage before it is built.

Project Showcase

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Stage Design Portfolio (PDF)

Click and download VJ Fader’s latest Stage Design Portfolio (PDF), it is available for potential clients.